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Gosh, there are so many wonderful positives for hiring people to get stuff done in your home. It’s convenient, it gets done a whole lot faster which leads to that wonderful thing called instant gratification. And lastly, it allows you to drink that glass of wine because you no longer have to worry about getting the thing done or being the one to do it yourself. So why do it yourself (DIY)? I have compiled a list of reasons why you should forego the above benefits and do it yourself!

1) It’s Less Expensive

I mean, this one is pretty obvious, right? Doing it yourself cuts out the labor cost. Since the majority (usually 50 to 60 percent) of construction costs are labor, you save a huge portion by taking on the project yourself. Yes, the upfront cost of tools is costly. However, if you make DIY projects a habit, the initial cost of the tools really pays off, especially if you are in real estate (i.e. flipping homes) or like to refinish furniture. It also leaves cash around for additional projects you have been wanting to accomplish. I chose to re-landscape the yard myself after receiving 3 or 4 quotes. Living in the suburbs, we have a fairly small yard. We bought a foreclosed home and the yard was pretty much a lost cause. The landscaper was going to charge triple what I could do on my own. Yes, it took a LONG time to accomplish in comparison to hiring out, but I did it on my own with a lot of money to spare and new skills to boot! Lastly, if your contractor screws up the job, it was cost you even more to fix it!

2) You Learn Valuable Skills

Laying tile, fixing dry-wall, refinishing hardwood, are all valuable skills. Not only does it mean you can fix up your own place, saving on the cost of a contractor or plumber, but it also means that if you’re short on cash for a month, you could sell your “handy-man” services for a little extra dough. Pro Tip: Be sure to let people know you are not licensed or insured, this is more “helping out a friend” type of work. There is nothing wrong with a little side hustle to get rid of that student loan debt or car payment.

Doing it yourself can also mean, if you’re interested in construction, there is potential to get a job with a construction company with all your impressive skills. Or, look into getting licensed if you really feel like you’re talented in a specific area. In my case, we are living and flipping. In order for us to make the biggest profit on our home, doing it ourselves will really pay off!

3) You Could Find Your True Passion

DIY projects can be a messy disaster, but they can also be a huge learning experience. Imagine installing ship-lap on your accent wall and realizing that custom design is what you want to do for the rest of your life! Or landscaping your backyard and finding out that constructing backyards is your passion. The more things you attempt, the more you learn about yourself. Don’t sell yourself short, try that DIY project now! I’m finding that refinishing furniture, albeit a ton of work, is something I really enjoy. When I tire of a piece of furniture, I will sell it for much more than the small bargain for which I bought it!

4) You Feel a Huge Sense of Accomplishment

This is a big one for me. Finishing a DIY project is just so satisfying. There is no better feeling than a job well done. And, I have discovered, that the bigger the project the better I feel when accomplished. Of course, I have had a ton of failures and I’m sure you will too. That’s all part of the process. We put in all new wood floors in out current home. We had a few blunders a long the way, but in the end they turned out beautifully! This home is already looking polished, I’m excited for all future renovations.

5) Your Skills Are Teachable

I have 4 children and one of the most important part of being their parent is teaching. I am now able to teach them valuable skills that they can use when they become adults and own their own homes. Or, they may find their true passion in helping me along the way. Just today, I was out in the yard pulling up the dreaded dandelions that invade every nook and cranny of my yard every spring. My 4 year old son was taking the spade and helping me dig each and every one up.

Not only was he helping, he was also so very excited about helping. Maybe helping me garden will elicit a huge passion for plants and landscaping. Perhaps it will just get him excited about doing things himself. Ultimately, I’m at least being a good example of hard work. In any case, he is learning fantastic life skills that I am sure will help him accomplish great things in his future.

When You Should Hire a Contractor

There are definitely time when hiring a contractor is the right choice. One instance is if you have severe plumbing, gas, electrical or foundation issues. Without proper knowledge, licensing or permits pulled, you could end up getting hurt or screwing the job up and costing yourself more. Check out this great article here on when it’s a good idea to hire out!

Do It Yourself Examples

If you’re interested in great remodel and upcycling projects, check out this sofa table transformation, or this laundry room update! Both were DIY successes!

Those are the best reasons I can come up for why you should do it yourself! So get your hands dirty, learn a life skill, teach your children. Who knows, you may even find your true passion!

Why do it yourself, 5 reasons to DIY