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If you’re a homeowner, you likely have long-standing daydreams about that big remodel you’re going to do one day – those beautiful, elegant pieces and distinctive touches to make your home the thing of beauty you always knew it could be. Did you know that you can remodel your home sustainably?

reclaimed wood shelf in a sustainabel remodel

How to Remodel Your Home In a Sustainable Way

One thing that may be holding you back, however, is worry about how to remodel your home in a sustainable fashion. Believe it or not, it can be done, and it’s not as hard as you think, either. Sustainable fashion has been extending to all sorts of areas, including home decor and remodeling.

So you’re in luck – not only can you remodel without worry, but you can have peace of mind knowing that some of the upgrades you make will actually make your house more eco-friendly than it was before! Below are a few areas in which you can remodel easily and sustainably.

1. Flooring

Floor Coatings

As it turns out, one of the biggest trends of late is also one of the more eco-friendly and sustainable. If you’ve been thinking about applying a gorgeous floor coating, now is the time! Whether you’re interested in epoxy or other shiny, durable floor coatings, you can rest assured that it’s sustainable, affordable and will look amazing for years and years to come. Floor coating isn’t just for showroom floors anymore. People are using it on hardwood floors, bathrooms, and so much more.

bamboo wood flooring in a sustainable remodel

Sustainable Wood Floors

Another option for sustainable floors. The products out there that are sustainable include bamboo wood floors, cork flooring and reclaimed wood floors. All these wood options allow for sustainable sourcing and provide a beautiful product.

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2. Secondhand and Vintage

Sometimes the best conversation pieces in your home are the things you bought used. Whether it’s a vintage hutch, a gorgeous shelf you saw at Habitat for Humanity, or a bureau you bought at a yard sale, amazing, vintage and/or retro pieces can totally transform the look of your home with little to no negative environmental impact. One of a kind items are hard to come by in a big box store, after all.

Another option is upcycled products found second hand at thrift stores and DIYing home décor and accents to your home. Keeping what you have in your home now, and just giving it a facelift keeps those items out of the landfill too.

chalk painted furniture upcycled sustainably

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3. Be “Smart”

If you have perfectly good working appliances, there’s really no need to get rid of them. If you need to get rid of them, please consider donating or recycling these items rather than just tossing them. When upgrading to an oven or dishwasher, though, why not consider a “smart” version?

While many are turned off by the cost of these new appliances, once you see how much lower your energy bill is, you’ll see that the sheer energy efficiency of smart appliances allow them to pay for themselves in a matter of months. Also, you’ll feel really good about using machines that are energy efficient and better for the environment.

With everything “smart” these days, from thermostats to dehumidifiers, refrigerators to hot water heaters, no matter what it is you need to upgrade, there’s a smart version.

4. Use Reclaimed Products

Did you know that you can use reclaimed wood throughout your home, for almost any wood surface? Here are just a few ideas: flooring, butcher block countertops, shelving, fireplace mantel and cabinetry! Reclaimed wood keeps treated wood out of the landfill and adds natural beauty to your home.

Reclaimed metals can also be added to your home in shelving, framing and other decorative ways. This gives your home a very industrial feel and saves the environment too.

upcylding wood for remodel sustainably

These are just three great ideas for sustainable remodeling, but you can find so many more great ideas. Think outside the box, get creative! That dream remodel doesn’t have to cost a fortune or compromise your morals; you can have a fantastic looking home designed to your heart’s content while still honoring what’s most important to you, by remodeling your home sustainably.


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