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Home décor and interior design can create beauty and warmth within your home. Lately, people are becoming more aware of the short-lived design trends and are opting for classic designs that last a lifetime. Sustainably sourced décor and design can help you achieve that while also being eco-friendly. Below are some ways to incorporate sustainable interior design.

recyled frame for home decor

Tips for Sustainable Home Décor and Interior Design

Interior designers have a responsibility in making your home more sustainable, as they can have a say in your heating, lighting and running appliances. There are also ecological ways you can decorate your home in order to save energy.

Currently, design trends are not about spending a lot of money on the latest flashy items, that you will throw away in a couple of years, but about being timeless, respecting the environment and creating a more eco-friendly living space.

Organic and Sustainably Sourced materials

Many companies are switching over to sustainably sourced materials. If you’re looking for something new instead of upcycled or recycled, there are many options out there.

You can still create a sense of style or even luxury with natural materials such as woods, stone and marble. You can check if the wood is FSC approved and ethically sourced. These materials are more durable anyway and create a timeless feel in your home.

Recyclable and Upcycled Materials

Another alternative to save on your carbon footprint is to use recyclabled and upcycled materials. This will greatly reduce the waste they produce and also creates a demand for reused materials.

Consider sourcing second-hand stores as well if you’re building something from scratch, you can often find people donating leftover wood, furniture and home decor. There are more people choosing to donate now than throw things away, so the options are readily available. Be sure to check out places like Craigslist or Facebook Mareketplace for free items as well. 

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DIY Décor Projects

One of the best ways to decorate your home, is to not only buy used items, but to make the décor yourself. There are many store bought items that can be made at home. For instance, I upcycle and paint much of my furniture at home. Used furniture is cheap and easy to come by. Painting furniture can give it a colorful pop, or simply bring it back to life.

If you are interested in doing DIY chalk paint projects, Country Chic Paint provides chalk paint and paint products and is eco-friendly and non-toxic. 

sustainable chalk painted sofa table

Heating and Cooling Options

There are ways you can make your home more energy efficient by using interior design tricks to prevent excessive heating and cooling. Carpets and rugs are a great way to retain heat and can also add texture and warmth to a room. You can choose a design that suits your individual taste and it can therefore become a focal point of the room.

Another way to keep the heat inside is with high quality windows. Make sure you have good quality double-glazing. The more energy you save the less you will spend on your gas bill as well. Decorate the windows with some drapes or blinds that catch your eye, this will add character and also help to insulate the room.

newly caulked windows for sustainable energy tips

Good insulation is paramount to retaining heating and cooling within your home. Be sure that insulation is your first priority. This includes windows, doors, airflow through the basement or crawlspace and airflow through the attic. Insulating properly will save you money, and it will ensure quality, clean air coming in through your home by keeping pests, dirt, water and mold out.


Opt for more energy efficient bulbs such as LEDs, these last much longer and will save you a lot of money in the long run. Use ways to create light without using electricity. Keep the main wall and ceiling color white, or lighter shades. This will brighten up the room and reflect the natural light. Arrange the furniture to allow the most sunlight to come through the windows.

Consider Installing modern heating and lighting systems which can be controlled remotely or set on timers, to minimize wasting energy when unnecessary.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy, such as solar panels, can provide energy to your home at a fraction of the cost. My husband and I have solar panels on our home and our cost is only $15 a month to the energy company to be connected to the network. Other options are wind and water driven energy, which may be an option depending on where you live.

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Indoor Gardens

Gardening indoors, such as an herb garden, can provide both beauty and function. Consider plants that you use frequently or enjoy the smell of, and place them in well lit areas of your home. Plants also clean the air, providing a healthier environment for your and your family.

planted pot for healthier home

Think about creating flexible spaces which can be changed in the future for a different function. If you are buying a house, think about what changes could be made to walls and other fixtures. This means you’ll have a more long-term and therefore sustainable property.


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