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go green and eco-friendly with the great sustainability challenge

Sustainability Challenge 2020

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution to live a healthier, eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle?Β Are you struggling with how and where to start?

This year, begin by taking small steps to accomplish your goal. With the many tips, tricks and hacks offered through this FREE challenge, you’ll be able to get started on the right track and make 2020 more eco-friendly!

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Although it can be intimidating, taking small steps along the way will help you accomplish this big change.

go green and eco-friendly with the great sustainability challenge

Join my 2020 Sustainability Challenge!

Consider this free and easy month-to-month Sustainability Challenge. This awesome challenge will offer you tips, steps, checklists and guidelines to begin making the huge change from a consumerist lifestyle to a sustainable lifestyle!

Tips that will be included:

How to Rid Your Home of Toxins

Get tips on how to make your own cleaners, bath products and home fragrances. Learn all about what to get rid of and throw away. Also provided will be my personal lists of where to buy products if you aren’t capable or don’t have time to make products yourself!

How and Where to Buy Second-Hand Products

Learn tips on how and why thrifting saves the environment and how to practice secondhand shopping! Learn to shop like a pro, so you can still have nice stuff without feeding into consumerism.

Ideas and Tips to Become More Minimalist

Receive great ideas and tidbits to reduce your consumption! With checklists and guidelines, you’re sure to get started this year on the right foot.

Carrot Harvest from Summer Planting

And So Much More…

Get a monthly email with printable guides, tips, tricks and hacks on how to make the switch.

January 2020 will include a simple overview and questionnaire to help you get started!

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