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When I was accepted into the Country Chic 2019 Influencer Squad, I was thrilled. Their product is eco-friendly and also has rave reviews. I’m always on the lookout for products that are safe around my children and pets, and safe for the environment. As a brand new chalk painter, Country Chic was the perfect product for the environmentally conscious.  I was so excited to jump into this new world of chalk painting with both feet with this amazing sofa table transformation!

I chose to paint this worn out sofa table with a beautiful chalk paint color, All-In-One Decor Paint in Sage Advice.


My first step was to prep the wood, as is with any painting project. I not only had to clean it of dirt and spider webs with mild soap and water, I also needed to sand it because of its peeling veneer. This took considerable time. However, once the wood was smooth and free of dirt, I wiped it down with a damp wash cloth to remove any sawdust.

Chalk painting sofa table before picture



Using the Country Chic Oval Paint Brush I started by painting with the grain of the wood. The paint went on smoothly and easily. There was definite bleed through with the first coat from the dark veneer that was still present underneath.

The wood pieces took around 2 hours to dry from the first coat. Once dried, I applied a second coat. The second coat was quick and easy. I needed no additional paint! I had a 16oz can and it took about half the can to finish painting the table.


I used 220 grain sandpaper to lightly sand down the corners and edges of the table. It was quick and easy. I completed the distressing in a little over an hour.

Chalk painting sofa table during


Waxing was the simplest step. I used Country Chic’s 4oz Natural Wax to seal the sofa and provide some durability. With a waxing brush (that you can pick up at any craft store or home improvement store), I gently applied the wax. I then took a dry t-shirt like cloth and wiped off any excess wax. From the instructions on the jar, I buffed it until it no longer felt tacky. I was able to handle the table after 24 hours, although I hear it can take upwards of 30 days to cure completely.

What Else?

The hardware was a tarnished, brassy color originally. I thought this piece would look better with wrought iron, metal accents. I chose to paint these separately using a spray paint specifically formulated for metals.

Chalk painting sofa table after



After I reassembled the sofa table, the piece turned out simply beautiful. I’ll be using this on my patio for gardening supplies and summer cocktails! The color is soft and soothing. The quality is definitely top of the line. And to top it off, this piece was so easy to complete. The sofa table transformation turned out exactly how I imagined. I’m on the edge of my seat, waiting to get started on my next Country Chic project!

In Hindsight.

As a newbie chalk painter, there are a few things I would have done differently:

1. I would have done a bit more sanding. The veneer was drastically chipping on this piece, and even with the my initial sanding, there were areas that remained bumpy even after the painting.

2. I applied too much paint in some of the corners and edges. I should have been a bit more conservative. Chalk paint is forgiving and I was able to sand the dried drips of paint. It would have been nice not to add this extra step to the painting process.

3. I didn’t buff the wax well enough and it was still tacky when I went to reassemble the table. I was able to wash the dirt and fingerprints off the piece and buff out the wax, but again, it was an additional step I could have avoided.

Sofa table transformation with chalk paint