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I use essential oils a lot! If you have been following me for a while, I’m sure you’ve heard me mention them on multiple occasions. Essential oils are a big part of using natural bath products, cleaners, and fragrances. So, when Simply Earth reached out to me and offered a collaboration, I jumped at the chance. I got the privilege of receiving their November 2019 Subscription box plusย their bonus box!

how to buy essential oils for a great price

Who Is Simply Earth

Simply Earth is a small, family owned company that offers a monthly essential oil subscription box for the affordable price of $39/month, but each box is worth well over that. The idea was to offer high quality oils, at a lower price point, so that anyone can afford them. This helps homes stay healthy, and beginners start with essential oils without paying high, unaffordable prices.

Simply Earth also helps in the fight against human trafficking, when you purchase anything from their site, 13% goes towards non-profits who are active in removing human traffickers and saving the victims.

The Subscription Box

Subscription boxes come once a month and are shipped out on the 1st of the month! What is included in the box is 4 full sized (15ml) bottles of high quality, 100% essential oils. Each box also includes extras AND recipes to use these oil.

The November 2019 subscription box is currently available for pre-order! In the November box is Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Lime and Tranquility. Also included is powdered whole milk and dried lavender buds, along with 6 recipe cards to make use of your new essential oils!

I also received a bonus box (which if you order with the November box, it’s included for free!) Inside was coconut oil, de-fractionated coconut oil, almond oil, roller ball bottles and essential oil bottles – for creating your own blends. The idea behind the bonus box is to give you everything you need to make the included recipes over the next 6 months!

What Recipe Did I Use First?

Simply Earth was really nice, and not only provided me with the subscription box, plus the bonus box. I was also gifted a diffuser! So, the first recipe I used was the lemon/tranquility blend in the new diffuser.

diffuser for essential oils

About the Diffuser

This little cutie is easy to use! You have the option to constantly diffuse until empty, time it to 2hrs, or time it to 4hrs. The diffuser also has the option to turn on a calming light “effect,” in which the colors slowly change from blue/green/yellow/orange/red. It was definitely a fun addition that my kids loved.

The Lime/Tranquility Blend Recipe

I’m going to be honest here, I didn’t think I would like it. Tranquility is already a blend of a bunch of other oils. I thought the combination would smell weird. However, I was completely wrong. The diffuser blend smelled refreshing and clean. I thought it smelled like a really nice, non-alcoholic margarita! My husband liked it too, and he’s usually pretty picky about essential oil smells! I will continue to use this recipe in the future.

Did I Try Anything Else Out?

The other recipe I tried almost immediately was the Tranquility Milk Bath. I mean, having to jump in the bath in order to try out my new essential oils seemed like the best idea on the planet! I yelled to my husband that I had to “take a bath for work” and locked myself away in the master bedroom while I tried out this awesome recipe.

The recipe included: Epsom salt (not included in the subscription box), dried lavender buds, powdered whole milk and tranquility essential oil. I combined all the dry ingredients in my coffee grinder and blended them completely. I then poured them into a glass bowl and added the essential oil. After mixing, the milk bath was ready for use!

lavender milk bath with essential oils

How was the Milk Bath?

The aroma was heavenly!ย  I already love lavender, so I knew I would like this recipe. However, the combination of lavender and tranquility essential oil was unbelievable! I wish I could hand you the glass bowl with the wonderful concoction, it was literally that aromatic and lovely. This recipe is a winner and one I will most likely use monthly.

My Opinion

If you were to ask me if this box is a good buy, I would most definitely say yes! I think the oils are a great deal on a good product, and they are a prefect way to get more comfortable with essential oils. If you new to essential oils, or you just want essential oils at a great price, this subscription box is a great choice!

How to Start Today

If you already use essential oils, but maybe they have been pricey in the past, or you are brand new to essential oils, I encourage you to sign up for their awesome subscription box! The box is only $39/month and you get a bonus box too! Not only that, but their website also offers great prices on essential oils by themselves and wonderful accessories like the diffuser I mentioned above.

Also, if you decide to order through my awesome blog post, you get a $40 dollar gift card towards your next box, or any other item on the website. Make sure to use the code LAVENDERHOMEFRONTFREE in order to receive the gift card!

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