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Lavender spray is a wonderful, non-toxic linen spray that will brighten up any home. Made with lavender essential oil, it can be used for a host of things! I would say, one of it’s most common usages is to spray on your pillow or bed in an effort to relieve stress and allow you to sleep more soundly. Lavender oil is considered a “safe” oil and can be used in a diffuser and topically. Spraying lavender on your pillow is one way to breathe the oil in while you sleep, and you can also absorb it while your head rests on your pillow. Another way to use lavender spray would be to spray it onto your clothing or linens when taking them out of the dryer.

Why You should plant lavender in your garden

If you love lavender and want to read more about this amazing plant, check out my post of why you should grow lavender. There are so many wonderful benefits to this plant, it should be added to any garden!

Essential Oils

I think it’s important to note, that before jumping into essential oils, you should do some research. I’m no essential oil guru by any means. I actually tend to be a little intimidated by them. However, in an effort to live a healthier, natural based lifestyle, I have started to experiment with them. So far, the results have been great and I would honestly recommend them. This is not to say that I would forego western medicine. However, non-life threatening illnesses and issues will first be treated with oils in my home.

Make sure to use high grade, 100% essential oil. Do not use the oil that would be used for fragrances or for cooking. Please do some research to figure out which oil is right for you. I use Simply Earth’s Essential Oils! They are high grade oils for low cost. Use my code LAVENDERHOMEFRONTFREE to get a free $40 gift card!

Essential oils should only be used in glass containers, as high grade oils will leech into plastic and break it down. So, in this recipe, you will need to use a glass spray bottle. You can find those online for pretty cheap.

Here is the recipe:

  • One 2oz or 4oz glass spray bottle
  • 10 drops of lavender essential oil (I use Simply Earth Essential Oils)
  • 1 Tablespoon of alcohol (either rubbing alcohol or unflavored vodka)
  • Distilled water


  • Pour alcohol into your spray bottle.
  • Drop 10 drops of Lavender essential oil into the spray bottle.
  • Screw on top and shake to mix. The alcohol serves as the “carrier oil” in this case and will evaporate when you spray it onto the pillow. Then re-open the bottle and add the distilled water until the bottle is full.

That’s it! Now spray away for a better night’s sleep!

how to make non toxic lavender spray