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Earlier this week, I took a brief stroll to my mailbox (which is inconveniently a ways from my home) and, to my delight, discovered that my JORD watch had arrived! A few weeks back, I had been in contact with this company about a product review.

About the Watch

JORD (pronounced Yode) is a Company based in St. Louis, that creates unique minimalist wood watches, made of sustainable, reclaimed and natural materials. They also make additional accessories, such as sunglasses and Apple watch bands!

The timepiece I received is a sophisticated men’s watch, called the Conway – constructed out of Zebrawood and Dark Sandalwood, intertwined with steel. The face of the watch displays hours, seconds per minute, and encompasses a stopwatch; appropriate for all your day-to-day needs.

It came beautifully packaged in a collector’s addition humidor cedar wood box, perfect for storing this unique wood timepiece. The package also included a cleaning cloth for the crystal face.

Taking it out of the box, the watch was heavy and built well. The wood and steel were simply designed while remaining luxurious. The Conway combines quality, beauty and minimalism.

The JORD Conway Men's Watch - sustainable, eco-friendly and gorgeous

What Do I Like Most About the Watch?

I love the rustic charm.

The wood band really gives off a rugged and minimalist feel, yet somehow still presents itself as very high-end and alluring.

This collector’s timepiece is perfect for my outdoorsy husband. We attend many social events which require more sophisticated attire. My husband loathes those types of events, but reluctantly attends because he loves me. When first introduced to the JORD Conway, my husband was absolutely thrilled that this watch was rugged enough that even he could enjoy wearing it! What a win for my family. The best part is that the company is based in the United States and focuses on using reclaimed materials!

It’s a win all the way around!
JORD Conway unique wood watch, masculine and sustainable

How Can it Be Styled?

I’ll be up front with you here, I’m not a stylist or fashionista of any sort. I am very minimalist, but I do enjoy classic silhouettes.

The JORD Conway is a classically designed chronograph watch that looks great in casual attire and can be dressed up for a night out on the town. The wood gives it both an upscale feel with down-to-earth features simultaneously, making it multifaceted and adaptable for all social occasions. My husband would wear it to work, or to a high-end gala. The neutral color of the wood and the white face allows it to match pretty much any outfit. I prefer a more rugged appearance, and I love how amazing it looks on my husband’s wrist.

Jord Conway Men's unique wood timepiece


If you know anything about me, you know that I am all about sustainability! The JORD Conway fits the bill. The Conway is comprised of Sandalwood and Zebrawood – both exotic woods that aren’t considered sustainable. However, JORD is amazing in that they repurpose old furniture into beautiful new watches. They attempt to create all their pieces with materials that are natural, sustainable and reclaimed.

The best way to preserve the planet is to focus on reusing materials and keeping them out of the landfill and waterways. Reclaimed materials are one of the best options out there. Which is why I will continue to be a huge supporter of JORD!

Jord Conway Wood Watch

Treating Their Employees Well

I admire companies that take good care of their employees. With everything I have researched about the company, they treat their employees well, with good pay, hours and benefits. JORD also uses non-toxic chemicals to treat the wood, which is both environmentally friendly and safe for the employees. Based in the US, when you buy a JORD timepiece, you’re supporting a company with high standards, that cares about its people.

JORD Conway Men's Timepiece

JORD Is The Perfect Fit

The JORD Conway should be your newest addition to your husband’s attire. It’s built to last and offers a classic appearance with rustic attributes. It is absolutely perfect for a minimalist and no-fuss person, who also wants quality. With JORD, you know you’re getting a sustainable product, built with quality and craftmanship. In addition to created unique natural wood timepieces for men and women, JORD also provides accessories like Apple Watch Bands and Sunglasses. So, check out everything JORD has to offer. This is upcycling at its best!

Many times, I suggest not buying new products. That’s not always feasible. If you’re searching for a great, high-end watch that will also provide a positive impact on the environment, JORD Watches are the way to go!

JORD Conway men's wooden watch


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