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Grout cleaning can be a pain. Fixing grout is even more of a headache. If you have moved into a home with messy grout or maybe you failed to perform a clean grout job yourself, here is one method to fixing a sloppy grout job.

clean grout job after fixing grout

A Non-Toxic Method For Fixing a Sloppy Grout Job

My husband and I installed tile in our bathrooms when we first moved into our home. As a foreclosure, the home had moldy carpet (ick!) in the bathrooms. Removing the carpet was a priority for me before we moved in our family.

However, there was a lot of tile to install and we only had a short time before we needed to move. As such, the grout job was a bit rushed and therefore a bit sloppy. It was a pain to fix the grout. My husband and I used vinegar to fix the problem and it worked!

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Tips on How to Fix the Sloppy Grout

  1. Use a toothbrush – toothbrushes are soft enough to prevent any damage to the tile itself, or any extreme change to the grout. If you’re trying to fix the grout and not completely remove the grout, then using a toothbrush will be your best bet.
  2. Use Vinegar – Vinegar is harsh enough to eat away at the grout, but still mild enough not to cause extreme damage to the tile or grout you’re trying to save.
  3. Be Patient – This method takes a bit of work and some “elbow grease,” you may have to work at it to get the results you want.

Check out the video below to see how we fixed the messy grout problem:

Grout can be difficult to fix without harsh chemicals. This method will work for you, but it may take a while.


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