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I love nice clothes. When you find a fabric, brand or company that fits you well, many times it’s all you want to buy. So what happens when the clothes that fit the best happen to be expensive? And worse, what if you’re like me and don’t have or don’t want to spend tons of cash on clothing? After much trial and error, I found some of the best ways to snag name brand clothing for cheap, albeit second-hand.

How to snag designer clothes for cheap

First Decide What You’re Looking For

I have a number of brands that look good with my body type. Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic, Athleta, J. Crew and Gap are probably the brands that fit my body type the best and offer the style I like the most.

If there is a brand (or 5!) that fit your body type and style, then make a list of those brands and look out for them whenever you can! It’s important to also know what cut/style/type of clothing you like most and look out for those. For example, boyfriend jeans look awful on me, but skinny jeans look pretty good.

Where to Shop

Shop Thrift Stores

I find some of the best stuff at thrift stores. There is a trick to finding great clothes though. Here are a few tips:

  • Shop thrift stores in affluent areas: thrift stores in affluent areas tend to have great stuff. Also, the people in those areas don’t frequent thrift stores as often. They also buy high end items and only wear them for short periods of time! So take the opportunity to find great stuff, for a low price, that hasn’t been picked over yet!
  • Go frequently: I tend to find the best stuff when I go more often. You never know what treasures they have behind the closed doors in the back. Many times times, if you stop by twice a week, you’ll find great stuff for cheap.
  • Sift through everything: Things may not be in the right place, just be hidden because they were placed strangely on the rack, or they are sitting in the changing room. Take the time to look everywhere and at as many items as you can. You’ll sure to find a couple pieces you love!


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Check Out Facebook Buy/Sell Groups

This has been a godsend to me. I have found some of the best clothing items on Facebook Buy/Sell groups and pages. Join groups that are active, and again, include affluent areas.

Items I have found online (many new with tags!): J. Crew Toothpick Jeans, J. Crew Flats, multiple Ann Taylor sweaters and cardigans, gap tops and blouses. The list goes on and on.

Buy/Sell groups are also great options for housewares, home decor, shoes and children’s items.

buying brand name clothes on facebook pages

Visit Consignment Stores

Consignment stores are great places to frequent and shop for name brand clothing. Make sure to visit a few different stores to find a store that carries the best selection. Then, treat it like a thrift store and shop frequently. Prices will be a little higher but they usually have a better selection. And be on the lookout for sales!

Where Not To Buy

Facebook Marketplace

Buying clothes on Facebook Marketplace is not ideal. I haven’t been able to find great deals, and people jump on these deals faster than I can find them.

Although Facebook Marketplace is not the place for clothing, it’s a great place to find furniture!

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Yard Sales

Yard sales are hit and miss. You can find some good clothes are yard sales but it takes a lot of time and many times the stuff you find is old or outdated. Yard sales are great for children’s items, furniture and home decor though!

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Finding used name brand clothing for cheap in great condition takes some learning but it’s totally worth it! I get many compliments on my clothing and everything I wear is either new or in like-new condition. Take the time, it’s so worth the effort.

The best tips for finding high end clothing for cheap prices