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Ladies (and some gentlemen), we spend a lot of time in our laundry rooms. If you have at least one child, you know the struggle. Laundry is a daily ritual of wash, dry, repeat. So, a laundry room renovation should be on your to-do-list, if it’s not completed already!

With inspiration, motivation, free product and great customer service from Wallpaper Boulevard, I summoned up the courage to take a stab at renovating our laundry room. See, we bought a foreclosed home for a great price, and our intent is to live and flip the house. The laundry room was definitely on the to do list; with linoleum flooring, drab walls and builder grade built-ins, it wasn’t anything to write home about.

What We Did First

The first thing we did was replace the flooring. When we moved in, the floors were white linoleum. They were beat up and scratched, parts of the flooring were beginning to peel up and they looked very much 1997 (that was the year the house was built.) We replaced the linoleum with beautiful 18″x18″ white tile with grey accents. We got this tile for a steal, on sale, for $1 sq ft. The colors are much more on trend and the quality is nicer. Tile is not difficult to install either, it just takes some specific tools and a lot of measuring.

Laundry Room Tile Flooring

What Was Next

Second, we painted the walls a light blue. Specifically, the color is Behr, Icicle. Originally, the walls were going to be a shade of grey, but blue brightened the room up a lot better. Since the room is pretty small, I couldn’t go with anything too dark or it would make the space look even smaller. We also painted the ceiling white to, again, brighten the space and make it appear larger.

I always use semi-gloss because it allows you to clean your walls more easily. I hate matte paint, as it looks dull and I’ve never been able to clean it. Having that extra bit of shine also brightens up the small room. Even in the picture below, you can barely tell that the after picture is a light blue. The eggshell white matte paint it was before just wasn’t a winner.

Laundry Room Paint

Then Came the Wallpaper

The next step was to apply this beautiful wallpaper that was a courtesy of Wallpaper Boulevard. This particular brand is Joanna Gaines, Magnolia Home Shiplap. It is lovely. I chose this wallpaper because it’s light and bright, just like the paint. The long lines on the wallpaper give the illusion that the walls are longer and the room is bigger. I was also going for a more trendy farmhouse feel as we plan to sell in the next couple of years.

Wallpaper Boulevard gifted me this product in exchange for before and after pictures. They were an amazing company to work with and I hope to have the pleasure of working with them again. The wallpaper was pre-pasted, so all I had to do was get the wallpaper wet and apply it to the wall. There’s some measuring and cutting that is involved, but all in all, it was a pretty easy and pleasant experience. I would use this type of wallpaper again.

Wallpaper boulevard laundryroom challenge

Cabinets Were Next

Then, I sanded and stained the cabinets from the classic 90’s honey oak color to a more lovely deep walnut. The walnut went perfectly with the shiplap and light blue paint. I slightly distressed the cabinets to give it a more rustic feel. Cabinets and simple woodworking aren’t too difficult but they do take a lot of time and patience.

Laundry Room Cabinet Refinishing

Updating the Shelving and Hardware

This laundry room renovation included the removal of the builder grade wire shelf that came with the home. In it’s place I built an absolutely gorgeous shelf out of raw wood (my husband helped me mount it.) Again, staining, sealing, sanding, sealing and sanding some more, led to the glass like shine.

Laundry Room DIY Shelf

I added dark, wrought iron hardware to the shelf, wrought iron knobs on the cabinet and wrought iron hooks on the walls. These little details really add up when you look at the room as a whole. It gives the room a more rustic, industrial feel.

Laundry Room Hardware Additions

Under the shelf, we built a clothing rod to be able to hang-dry clothing out of the dryer. The hooks on the wall are also added for that purpose. This give the space more purpose so that you make the most of the tiny room.

On the shelf, we added baskets for esthetics and storage. Stuff just looks better when you have it in a basket. I also like to add a plant to every room. Green just looks great wherever you are (plus it’s good for your air quality!)

Laundry Room DIY Shelf and Rod

Adding Some Decor

I found these adorable printouts on Pinterest for free from They are displayed on this empty wall. It’s too narrow to hang anything and there really isn’t much else you can do with it. Besides, artwork looks great in every room, even the laundry room.

Laundry Room Free Printable

The whole laundry room renovation set me back about $300. That was it. For the most part, the work on the room was pretty simple and easily budgeted. However, the return on investment is probably going to be higher than what I put in. Buyers love nice laundry rooms, and why wouldn’t they, women go into that room EVERY DAY! It’s a smart investment to create an updated, usable, and trendy space in your laundry room. Because of the average size of most laundry rooms, it’s not a huge undertaking either. Just like the kitchen and the bathrooms, the laundry room should be a priority before reselling your home.