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“Forgiveness is that smell lavender gives out when you tread on it”

~ Mark Twain


Have you every brushed a lavender plant and the aroma instantly fills you with calm and serenity? The beauty that is the lavender bush warms my heart. It may just be my favorite plant. I love roses, but they tend to be finicky. Lavender has just as much beauty as the rose, yet needs so little maintenance to thrive. That’s why I grow lavender in my garden.

Lavender held by a little girl

There are 5 Awesome Reasons for Why You Should Grow Lavender

If I could plant an entire field of lavender, I probably would. It’s soft scent fills a room, it’s beautiful color brightens any space and it’s holistic benefits are incredible. So take a moment with me a laude the lavender bush as I quickly catalogue it’s many attributes, and maybe you too will grow lavender in your garden.

1) Lavender Smells Lovely

I think this is probably the most common reason people have lavender. It’s smell can literally fill a room, however, it’s not overbearing or overwhelmingly sweet. With it’s soft aroma, it leaves you feeling like you just walked through a fresh open field of flowers.

No wonder lavender is one of the most common scents used in cosmetic products today. Aside from the smell of freshly baked cookies, lavender runs a close second and can be found all around my house, in homemade cleaners, bath products, wool dryer balls, etc. So, if for no other reason to buy a lavender plant, consider growing lavender for it’s lovely aroma.

2) Lavender Provides Many Holistic Benefits

This is a subject with which I could write an entire essay. Lavender not only smells lovely, but can help calm and soothe. It’s used often sprayed on a pillow to help you sleep. I have an awesome Lavender Linen Spray Recipe that’s easy to make. I have used this linen spray many times with myself and my children and can attest that it really does work! Why You should plant lavender in your garden

Lavender is also a known to help with bug bites and rashes by rubbing the essential oil directly on the skin, and to aid in relieving stress and boasting relaxation. In fact, it has been said, that if you aren’t sure what oil to use, just try lavender. It can be used through a diffuser, topically or ingested. It’s an all around good oil to have around! Yet another wonderful reason to grow lavender. I purchase my lavender oil from Simply Earth, they offer high quality oils for a reasonable price.ย 

3) Lavender Can Light up a Room or Garden

Purple: the color of royalty. This plant is a masterpiece on it’s own but can be a wonderful addition to any garden space. If you’re looking for something that will thrive and even take over, but still brings beauty to your flower bed, look no further than to grow lavender.

I plant them in my garden because they come back every year and bring so much happiness to my garden space. Lavender breathes life into your flower bed. Any picture with a lavender bush is breathtaking. When you’re stuck in the suburbs, lavender let’s you feel like you’re roaming through the french countryside or a pretty english garden! It overflows and blooms for days.

Throw some lavender in your kitchen, bathroom, or dining room, and it will light up the entire room. This purple plant looks good no matter what your decor. And the best part is that they are pretty hardy. Even if you have a black thumb, it’s hard to kill lavender!

4) Bees Love It!

Our bees are dying! This is a real epidemic that I don’t think people take seriously. In whatever I do, I try and consider the environmental impact and how my daily actions can contribute to a better world. Lavender attracts bees and gives them that much more to pollinate. I choose to grow lavender to help out our bee population. Every little bit counts. If I can help them survive, then why not? And, it’s not just bees. Lavender attracts butterflies and hummingbirds too. Try and consider the wildlife you’re helping when planting a garden, not just how pretty it looks.

Why You Should Plant Lavender In Your Garden

5) It Can Be an Income Stream

As a suburban homesteader, I try and be environmentally conscious but I also need to consider how to make a living. I think of this when I plant. I have planted many perennials that have actual resale value. Lavender is no different. With enough lavender, you can dry it and sell it.

I have seen beautiful lavender wreaths, lavender in bunches hanging on the wall of a lovely farmhouse kitchen, lavender in vases. It’s a nice way to brighten up a room and take in the aromatic benefits without having to think about the maintenance involved. Selling bunches of lavender will not make me rich, but every little bit helps out my family. And, if you can make a little money while also taking in the beauty, why not?

So please, consider growing a lavender bush, in your garden or in your home. I’m confident lavender will soon be one of your favorites too!

“As Rosemary is to the spirit, so Lavender is to the soul”



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