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Christmas can be expensive and wasteful. How often to we buy non-recyclable wrapping options and we don’t even know it because we usually just throw everything in the trash anyway. If you’re searching fewer single-use Christmas ideas, and you’re switching to a more sustainable lifestyle, these eco-friendly gift wrapping options are great ideas for your gifts this year!

Paper Bags

paper bag eco-friendly gift wrapping

Paper bags are a great option! I get them for free from Sprouts supermarkets. I know there are plenty of other stores that still use paper bags as an option. Adding a colorful bow or ribbon really gives a vintage feel to your Christmas gifts. Paper bags are thick so you don’t have to worry about gifts tearing easily. The only real downside is that wrapping large gifts can get difficult and may not look as nice.

Burlap Bags

These can be purchased all over nowadays! Burlap bags are great because you can re-use them every year. They don’t require any wrapping, just throw the gift in the bag, tie up the string and stick the bag under the tree. There are so many festive options. You can purchase them online and have them delivered to you, then re-use them year after year!

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using christmas fabric as a sustainble gift wrapping option

Fabric is an old way of wrapping gifts. Although it does take some practice to get your gifts looking neat and pretty, this is a re-usable option with vintage charm! Fabric is also a perfect option for those friends of yours who quilt, sew or are just generally crafty. Consider plain colors and decorate with festive ribbon, or go all out and use Christmas fabric that you can re-use year after year!

Re-useable Containers

There are many different types of re-useable containers that would look pretty and festive. Here are a few ideas:

  • Mason Jars
  • Baskets
  • Re-Usable Storage Containers
  • Totes

When considering re-usable containers for Christmas gifts, it’s best to use items that are plain or clear. The idea being that you can “dress it up” with ribbon, festive food and other consumable products. Mason jars are great options for gifts, usually filled with food, these little jars can look country chic and make wonderful presents.

Also consider giving gifts in a basket, tote or re-usable storage container. When filled with goodies and tied with a bow, the gift already looks beautiful, and the person receiving the gift can re-use the container as well as the gift itself!

Other Ideas:


Newspaper is a fun option. Although it’s a little more rare to have newspaper these days, if you have a lot of newspaper hanging around, these can make beautiful gift wrapping options. I love using red bows with newspaper, it really makes the presents pop!

Last Year’s Christmas Wrapping, bags and bows

Re-using last year’s (or the year before) wrapping paper is one of your best options. The most cost effective and eco-friendly option is to re-use and re-purpose. Use those bags, bows and the wrapping paper from all the gifts your received the year before. And continue that tradition next year!

Buy Recylced Wrapping Paper

Did you know you can purchase recycled wrapping paper and paper bags? They have a very vintage look and can be just as pretty as conventional gift wrapping. Make sure to save all the paper from the gifts given in your home, and use them next year!

Just Use a Bow

Add just a bow to a large gift and stick it under the tree. This way you save time and money on wrapping paper. This works well for large toys, odd shaped toys, garage equipment and tools. Bows can be re-used year after year. If you buy or make bows using cotton fabric (as opposed to polyester or plastic), they are usually washable too and will keep for years!

sustainable christmas wrapping options