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Chalk painted furniture can add a beautiful, country chic charm to your home. White is classic and matches with almost any décor. This country chic dresser makeover was incredibly fun, I hope you enjoy it as well.

after picture of white dresser and nightstand makeover

How I Accomplished This Beautiful Country Chic Dresser Makeover

I found these dressers on Facebook marketplace for low price of $25. I had been looking for a nice dresser to place in my daughters’ room. The theme in their bedroom is a French country feel, with woodland animals. Lots of cutesy deer and hedgehogs, with white, gray, pink and purple.

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I wanted to create beautiful furniture pieces that were also functional, so when I found this dresser and nightstand, I knew it would be perfect.

Dresser before the chalk paint makeover

The First Step To Painting Furniture

Like with any furniture painting project, the first step is to remove the hardware and clean the furniture thoroughly with mild soap and water. In order for chalk paint to get a beautiful finish, prepping the furniture correctly will really give you amazing results.

This dresser was already in good shape, so I didn’t have any additional prepping to do aside from cleaning. With white paint, if you’re trying to achieve a solid white color, using shellac or primer can prevent bleed through. However, since I knew I would be heavily distressing this piece, I decided not to prime the dresser.

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chalk paint coupon for country chic chalk paint

The First Coat of Paint

With chalk paint, the first coat of paint always appears sloppy. There will be plenty of streak marks and bleed through, but you’ll really see the color of the paint cover well and show on the second coat.

The first coat of paint is never thinned out. I always do a pretty thick coat and cover as much as I can on the first coat. I use Country Chic Paint, in Crinoline, to get this beautiful antique white look.

first coat of chalk paint on dresser makeover

Additional Coats of Paint

I did two additional coats of paint for this dresser and added water to the chalk paint to thin out the paint. When you thin out the paint, it allows for a more even coat of paint. Don’t add too much water though, or you’ll end up with drip marks.

Between each coat of paint, sand ever so lightly, the entire piece of furniture. This will hide brush strokes and give a beautiful flawless finish.

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Using 280 grain sandpaper brick, I distressed the dresser and nightstand on all of the edges and even on the sides. I really wanted a French country look to these pieces. This was time consuming as the dresser is large and I had many coats of paint. Be sure to wear a mask to prevent breathing in the dust from the sanding.

distressed points on the country chic dresser makeover


Sealing the Dresser

I sealed this dresser using Country Chic’s Clear Coat and a foam brush. Clear coat is easy to apply, just go slowly to prevent any bubbles from forming. This sealant provides great protection, better than a wax sealant, and gives the furniture a beautiful sheen.

I really enjoyed creating this gorgeous furniture makeover and cannot wait to complete the décor in my daughters’ room with these beautiful pieces. The white allows these dressers to match any future décor my girls choose. I’m very happy with how beautiful this country chic dresser makeover turned out!

after photo of chalk painted dresser makeover

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country chic dresser makeover before and after pin