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One of the best ways to decorate for fall is to use natural products, objects or things! Not only is it friendly to the environment, but naturally occurring plants, foods and other objects are easy to come by and usually pretty affordable, making decorating with them a frugal and eco-friendly alternative.


Pinecones make great fall décor. Add them to a table centerpiece, pile them into a vase, or even douse them with essential oils that leave your home smelling just like fall!

How to use essential oils to make scented pinecones


Head on over to Victoria at A Modern Homestead, to get an idea of just what to do to prep your pinecones before using them around your home.

Once you’re done with that, use the pinecones in a clear vase for everyone to view, add them to an open basket or maybe even glue them onto a wreath! Did you know that you can bleach pinecones too? It’s really easy and makes them look so pretty. The best part about using pinecones, is that they you can leave them out and they can be used during the Christmas season too!

Pumpkins and Gourds

What is more classic for fall than pumpkins and gourds? These awesome vegetables can be used as a decoration throughout your whole home, and as long as your home doesn’t get too hot (they’ll rot), or too cold (they’ll freeze), then pumpkins and gourds usually stay good for the whole fall season!

Decorating with pumpkins for fall

Pumpkins and gourds come in a variety of colors and sizes. If you aren’t able to grow them yourself, it’s easy enough to find them at any store once fall arrives. They look great decorating your front door, on tabletops and next to fireplace mantels.

To find a ton of ideas on how to use pumpkins to decorate your home, head on over to The Budget Decorator and read up on how to decorate with pumpkins and gourds!

Leaves, Sticks and Twigs

Leaves are a classic option for fall decorating. Autumn is the perfect time to go out and collect leaves that you can decorate throughout your home.

How to use leaves to decorate for fall

The most common uses for leaves, twigs and sticks is in vases or on wreaths. Check out this great tutorial for making a fall wreath. These are beautiful and classic options. Other decorating ideas include garland made of leaves which can be placed on a fireplace mantel or wrapped along a curtain rod, and table-scapes made of branches, twigs and sticks.

Boot and Hooves Homestead has a sweet little tutorial using eucalyptus branches and miniature pumpkins for a cheap and breathtaking table-scape!


These cute little buggers are pretty easy to find, and there are so many wonderful ideas to use them throughout your home. The easiest way to use them is to clean them up and put them in mason jars with a little bow around the glass jar. It’s cute, cheap and so festive.

how to use acorns to decorate for fall

Acorns can be used in all sorts of fun projects, they can also be glued to garland or wreaths, or added to a table-scape as an accent piece.

Check out all these adorable ideas at Staying Close to Home on how to use acorns to decorate this fall!


Mums, mums and more mums!!!

Okay, mums aren’t the only fall flower, but they are definitely the most popular. Each season, I buy a large pot of mums and place them in front of my doorstep with a few pumpkins of different sizes and colors. It makes an easy and cheap display which should last through the whole fall season!

Mums are great flowers to decorate your home for autumn

Other flowers popular for fall include: sunflowers, aster, goldenrod, toad lily and dahlias! These can be grown in your own garden, and cut for vases. Or, feel free to purchase some at your local nursery, and place them throughout your home in nooks that need to be brightened! Flowers make great natural décor all year long, why not use them for natural fall decorating too!


Fruit, desserts, and veggies are all great centerpieces when decorating with fall. Think about “harvest” and all the wonderful options you have to use at your disposal. Ears of corn are great because they can be died and used all throughout the home.

decorating with ears of corn

Apples make a great centerpiece for an entry table or side table. Pile some into a bowl and place around the home. They also smell good, which is always a plus!

Oranges are also a great option. There are many ways to display oranges. I absolutely love this garland made by Rocky Hedge Farm, using dried orange slices, it’s beautiful and eco-friendly!

Using desserts in a another favorite of mine. Desserts always look good! They can be cakes, pastries, or something fun and imaginative. For example, these super cute acorn cookies are no-bake, kid-friendly and adorable! Fill a small bowl of these cute little acorns on an entry table or buffet for a sweet and edible decoration!

Using food to decorate for fall

Fall decorating can be cheap, easy and safe for the environment too! Using natural fall decorating ideas will make your house gorgeous and festive in no time. Need a few more ideas? Check out Gently Sustainable, and read all about her ideas for Natural Fall Decorating!

tips for natural fall decorating